What is an Odd Fellow?


The center link of the three link IOOF chain logo contains an ‘L” which stands for Love.   Love is one of the basic elements of a true friendship, creating within the individual unselfishness, tenderness, sympathy and understanding.  Brotherly Love hears the cry of humanity and answers its call. Thought of one’s self is pushed aside in answering the call of humanity, in the performance of deeds of goodwill to those less fortunate; assisting in the building of a stronger character; affording the opportunities of education to those who need it; rendering assistance for the physical needs of those less fortunate; uplifting those who are despondent by a cheery word, a smile, a comforting thought and a clasp of hand. Through Brotherly Love, unselfish purposes and generous deeds form a bond of unity, creating an estate wherein no man lives unto himself alone.

A component part of Brotherly Love is the principle of Charity, which provides the means for creating all of the opportunities for greater responsibilities for the betterment of mankind. Without Charity in the journey of life, Brotherly Love would have no meaning and acts of humanity would be non-existent, for there would be no thought of welfare of others, but only selfishness and greed. Our bonds of Unity and  Brotherly Love  through acts of Charity, bring richness to the principles of Oddfellowship.

We seek people of good character that believe we can make a difference in our world.  Our Lodges can use your help. The work we want to do is worthwhile and important. The more active members we have, the easier it becomes to do our work and the more we can take on. We invite you to join in that work by becoming a member of the Plymouth Tonquish Lodge #32.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization founded upon the principles of Friendship, Love and Truth. These three principles, we believe are essential for the future of our country, our community, our society. Friendship is the strongest bond of our association. .  As a member you are bound to participate with your brothers and sisters to safeguard our members and families in times of adversity and aid those in distress. Love is the link which requires neighborliness to our fellow human beings, which comes only after all hatred, envy and selfishness have been laid aside. Truth is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society. United together we can make a greater impact on our community than we can as individuals. We hope you will consider joining us in our effort to make a better community and world.

If you would like to join our ranks and become an Odd Fellow simply click the words “Join Us” and you can fill out a membership application:  JOIN US


– Oddfellowship is –

Founded on the North American continent in 1819.

A fraternity founded on the basis of universal brotherhood.

Based on the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

The strongest fraternal society on the continent.

Based upon the purest principles of equality.

A great world-wide united brotherhood.

Non-political and non-sectarian.

A source of comfort in times of trouble and adversity.

A world-wide force that stands for all that is noblest and highest.

Founded on the inspired word of God as revealed to man in the Holy Bible.

An everyday guide for conduct, a mantle that should be worn always.

A vitalizing, sympathetic, and actuating influence in the lives of all its real members.

Fulfilling a mission in the world which no other institution has successfully attempted.

An organization that favors no person for their wealth and frowns on none for their poverty.

An ideal that exists in the heart and mind of every genuine Odd Fellow or Rebekah.

A ministering spirit succoring the needy, cheering the despondent and protecting the helpless.